Sunday, November 13, 2005

The 10 Canary ain't got no feathers no more.

Consider this: Since the Maine, the start of the Spannish/American war, with the exception of WW1 and 2 nearly every military intervention/invasion by the US has failed. The present debacle in Iraq certainly doesn't fill one with any sort of confidence on a positive outcome for the United States or the people they came to free (?) America doesn't seem to care very much about the rest of the planet either.

Nuclear (NooCular to GWB) Disarmament is for everyone but us.
The War Crimes Court in the Hague - everyone but us.
Clean Air Protocols - everyone but us and Australia.
World Trade Organisation - everyone but us.
NAFTA - as long as it all goes our way.
Katrina - is a fine example of what the White House stands for. WHITE!
Foreign Aid - The US, the world's richest country, ranks LAST.

Has the USA disappeared so far up its own arrogance to see that without the support of the rest
of the world it will go the way of all, once great empires, and be remembered with nothing but scorn.

America suffers from self-inflicted hubris bought about your war-loving government, a very compliant media and terrifying, shrill shock jocks. The US is now afraid of war, terrorism, oil prices, gun control, security, Hollywood, the media, the government and yes, even God. And you have brought it on yourselves.

I don't think so


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