Thursday, November 10, 2005

In saying he's a liar, is he telling the truth?

I don't believe anything in the media or from government. Truth in both institutions is compromised from the very start. Their truth is all about money and who's paying the bills.
It's about what government is in power or what government the media wants in power to advance their agenda at the expense of any opposition and particularly the truth.
I have a very deep concern that we in Australia are being led by the nose to some kind of doom by the business and religeous sociopaths in the USA and those others of "The Willing" around the globe who happily do as they are told saying that it is good for us all. Trust us. After all, there is no money in being disobedient to the US. There is, however rewards untold if you remain true to the red, white and blue and grief if you don't.

-screw the public before they screw you-


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