Friday, November 11, 2005

The USA does NOT torture people - oh REALLY!

The senate wont even discuss it because it doesn't exist. I wonder how they explain what went on at Abu Ghraib prison, all those photos are fakes or as that rabid idiot Rush Limberger said, "They were just blowin off a little steam" all innocent fun. America IS such a fun country after all. Just consider all those terrorists and murderers held at Guantanamo Bay, some have been repatriated back to the UK and Afghanistan without being charged or tried for anything. The remainder are
still there after 4 years without 1 charge being laid or 1 trial being prosecuted and now the whole sorry situation is before the Supreme Court to see if it's legal or not. I would't mind betting on the outcome of that little set-to.

From the beginnings of "Shock and Awe" through "Mission Accomplished?" to this very moment in time the US has done nothing but lie, led by Bush and all those insane Vulcans in and around the White House (a Religeous Right Bordello) they have lied to the world, they have lied to their soldiers, they have lied to the American people and saddest of all, they have lied to themselves.

The USA and its tragic leadership is an absolute disgrace. A blind, arrogant embarrassment of a country, a country which once held the moral high ground, was a light on the hill for all the injustices of the world, and now, in just a few short years, all that was great and wonderful about America is nothing but ashes and so many, many dead.

I am not alone. Read this amazing tragic saga of woe by Sam Smith in Harpers
Revision Thing: A history of the Iraq war, told entirely in lies.


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