Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Child in the Whitehouse
Bush talks about 'moral values' what a hypocrite. He has absolutely no moral values yet he calls himself a Christian. God would be really pissed off at Bush's variety of Christianity. The man? is an ignorant barbarian with few, if any, redeeming features, a creature whom even the creator in all his omnipotence would find hard to forgive his actions. Bush lies, manipulates and spins his way around truth much as he has done throughout his life. He behaves like a naughty child, indeed he acts like a child in most everything he does, his stupid, tasteless nick-names for his friends and collegues for example. You don't agree with him? You're fired, a news organisation tells the truth? Bomb it, There needs to be acceptance of a fair trade regime, a cleaner environment, adherence to international law, Bush's reaction. "Not on my watch!" Just like a child, if he can't get his way he wont play anymore. He has almost single-handedly along with a few totally amoral friends turned once great America into a bully. A sad, obese, childish bully.
With No Direction Home


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