Friday, December 09, 2005

What a poor, pathetic, once great country you are, beset with terrible government, paranoia, down-right stupidity, legalised murder, extreme political correctness, the list goes on and on.
My God! You can't even wish someone "Merry Christmas" for fear of upsetting some PC jerk or religeous fanatic. Your Sky Marshalls shoot and kill unarmed, mentally ill people continuing the great American dictum, "If it's in any way different or you don't understand or like it, KILL IT!"
You imprison people for what they might do in the future so that they can't have a trial because they haven't done anything. You have thousands and thousands on death row. You look to people like Oprah and Dr. Phil to save you from your fears and disfunction because you've lost the ability to think for yourselves and like sheep will follow them wherever they lead you. No questions asked. You have so-called "Men of God?" filling your celebrity-sodden heads with the wrath of God and eternal damnation and please donate 10% of whatever you've got so that you will be saved.
To top all this off you have a venal, evil government who thinks nothing of lieing to you about everything from Iraq, Katrina, the economy, overseas detention and torture even the future.
You are also blessed with a president, a contemptable individual if ever there was one who enjoys talking to dogs, probably the only creatures that will listen given that they are mental equals. I do not envy you America.


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